The Means

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Collection Proposition.

The Memes: more emerge and get distributed, feel free to use them and build experiments around them yourselves. NFTs are public readable databases of certain ideas, certain community vibes - we put enough out there and something interesting might emerge.Punk 6529

This was the trigger that set an idea free.

We love The Memes and what they represent. We love what Punk 6529 is trying to do and the mission he has dared us all to accept.

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.Antoine de St Exupery (1900-1944)

We have set sail. We have left the safety of the harbour. We know where we want to go. We know where we don't want to stay.

6529 is worried that the world is sleepwalking into high centralized systems with literally nobody pushing the other side of the equation.Punk 6529

We're all here. We push. We pull. We sway and bend. We never break.

we don't quit!Punk 6529

Indeed. We don't quit. And not only that; we try to bring as many others as possible on this mission. There is strength in numbers.

What this means that there are some of us, maybe 50,000 today, maybe 500,000 in 6 months, maybe 5,000,000 in a couple of years, maybe 50,000,000 in a few years that believe the metaverse should be open. And each one of us might be able to make a small difference in that fightPunk 6529

Yes, Ser. We fight. Together.

Our fight has made us look at this mission and how it's materialized through The Memes. We went searching for meaning. The Memes have meaning. That meaning is what makes a meme a meme. What it means and represents makes a meme instantly recognizable, immediately relatable, at once understood. Meaning is the heart and soul of a meme.

gm means "good morning"
gn means "good night"
Ser means "sir"
Fren means "friend"
GMI/WAGMI means "Gonna Make It" / "We All Gonna Make It"
NGMI means Not Going To Make It.
FOMO means Fear of Missing Out.
Cope means the opposite of FOMO.
1:1 Art means art where each piece is unique (1 of 1).
IRL means In Real Life.
Probably Nothing means "probably something".
This Is The Way means a way to commend socially positive behavior
LFG means Let's Fucking Go.Punk 6529
Welcome to The Means.

The Means Collection.

The Means is a derivative-based collection materialized through The Memes meme 8 - Authentic Summer adaptations. We have taken The Memes and given them The Means. But there's a twist: the full meaning of each meme is unveiled through Punk 6529's own words. Who else could better explain what the Memes mean? We have read up, researched, listened and taken notes. Lots of notes.

Why? Because “100,000,000 people in an Open Metaverse can change the World” (in

We believe that if people see and own the meanings behind the Memes and the mission we have been requested to join, onboarding this many people will become easier, quicker, simpler. Meaning will always be what this is about - what it means to be in an Open Metaverse, what it means to own NFTs, what it means to be part of the NFT technology uprising.

art is the utility
memes are the utility
myths are the utility
social organization is the utility
decentralization is the utility
Punk 6529

We decentralize. We expand. We grow. We become so many that we can longer be ignored.

The collection will grow and expand as The Memes do. Supply will be based on The Memes' original supply, minus a decimal position. Minting price is the same as the year in which Satoshi Nakamoto delivered his Bitcoin white paper. See? Meaning, everywhere.

The Metaverse will actually happen this decade.If it is open, human innovation will flourish. If it is closed, we are digital serfs of sorts.We 100,000 or so people right now are the front-line in this battle and we have to do it ourselves.Punk 6529


How it works - Mechanics.

There will be no AL. Editions will drop and be open to everybody. Top Means hodlers will receive special drops. This and other details will be announced through our social media channel prior to the drop.

The Means collection will launch new Means once, twice or three times a week, depending on market conditions and technical issues.

After a certain TBD period of time, unsold editions of one or more select Means will be burnt (if there are any).

Those hodling The Means and The Memes collections will, every now and then, be dropped special edition pieces. We'll work hard to make this happen as often as possible.

In the meantime, we will continue to connect what Punk 6529 says with new Memes. As long as there's a Memes collection, there will be a Means collection.

Wait. What do you Mean?

There's more.

We've created a side collection with all the ideas and art that don't quite fit in with The Means but that add value to the goal of spreading the message, onboarding more people to NFTs and Web 3, and, of course, having some fun along the way. We've dubbed this collection What do You Mean? because it's exactly that further level of meaning (and fun) that we aim to create.

What do you Mean? will break from the base concept for The Means in terms of art, but not in terms of substance. You'll see what we mean.

The mechanics will be the same as for The Means except for supply: supply will follow the original Memes' available quantity.


Drops will be done on OpenSea, an accessible and well-known platform that is easy to navigate and manage.

We invite everyone without a crypto wallet to check out the alternative ways of acquiring NFTs available on the platform. That’s what they’re there for.

Then, after due diligence, it would be great if those without crypto wallets could set one up (Metamask, for example, which has great tutorials for online security) and acquire a hardware wallet (Ledger or Trezor, for example) to store your pieces. Or maybe set one up for a friend or family member and gift them their first NFT? But be aware: there’s really no going back once you own your first NFT and discover the potential and future this technology has. DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and see how it can revolutionize the world and how we live in it.

We encourage all hodlers to use a hardware wallet to store their Memes and Means (and any other NFTs they might own). Create an independent, eth-free wallet to store your Means if you do not have a hardware wallet.


Ana Cristina Novo
Ana Cristina Novo
Designer, digital artist, NFT portfolio manager, physical miniature extraordinaire.
Copywriter, idea-haver and stuff-doer.


The Means

0.02008 ETH
Year the Satoshi Nakamoto bitcoin white paper came out
  • OpenSea wanted to round 0.02008 up to 0.0201
  • Not gonna happen. We took the last digit off.
  • OS mint price: 0.0200 eth (We're sorry, Nakamoto)

What Do You Mean?

0.01994 ETH
Vitalik Buterin’s year of birth
  • OpenSea wouldn't accept the 4 in 0.01994
  • So, we took it off too.
  • OS mint price: 0.0199 eth (We're really sorry, Vitalik)


The Means and the What Do You Mean? collections are open to all who wish to collect them.

There is no AL. There will be drops for Memes and Means hodlers as often as possible.

We will distribute 4 editions of each piece to The Means team members and a further 4 to The Means Vault. Please consider this when evaluating each piece's total supply.